Located 80 meters above sea level in the rolling hills of Merricks, Brimsmore Park is home to Merricks Ridge Winery. Overlooking Westernport Bay and Phillip Island. Brimsmore Park  is planted with 7 acres of Pinot Noir. The Planting of a single variety allows us to focus all our resources on the viticulture management and winemaking technique that produce a premium quality Pinot Noir. The vineyard is planted with 3 Pinot Noir clones, MV6 (50%), 115 (35%) and 114 (15%), this provides the winemaker with the opportunity to blend the good Pinot fruit character and soft rich mid palate of MV6 with the berry fruit characters of 115 and 114.

The vineyard layout is two 3.5 acre blocks utilising VSP trellising. The VSP trellising allows us to maintain an open canopy while maximising the vine canopy surface area and utilisation of the suns rays. The combination of VSP trellising and the gentle sea breezes from Westernport Bay provide Brimsmore Park with an ideal ripening period. Verasion is generally in the first week of February with harvest in the third and fourth week of March. Typical sugar levels at harvest are 13.2 Baume with a pH of 3.45 and Total Acid 7.1 g/l.

Sea View Block
Deep rich red loams over coarse gravel provide a fertile yet well drained environment for the vines. The VSP trellis and vines grafted on low vigour rootstock gives an open canopy and excellent fruit exposure. This combined with its easterly aspect ensures that the vines capture maximum sunlight. The Sea View Block fruit is consistently well balanced with ripe fruit flavours of raspberry and cherry with balanced high natural acidity. Fifty percent  of fruit is separately bottled as a single block wine.

Creek Block
The soil varies from chocolate brown loam  over red clay to grey alluvial loam over yellow clay. The vines planted on own roots are more vigorous than the Sea View Block, however this is tempered to some extent by the cooler southerly aspect. 
The fruit  is small, dark coloured berries of intense varietal character, producing wine of rich cherry and plum aromas with good tannin structure. Fifty percent  of fruit is separately bottled as a single block wine.



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